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CyberItalian is based on a course developed for the United Nations in New York. Online since 1997, it brings you the very high value of Italian language and culture.

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Self-Study Courses


You are a very independent person. You wish to learn at your own pace, with a course that is not expensive but provides very high value...

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Tutored Courses

Tutored Courses

You like studying online but you need to have a tutor who guides you, corrects your work and meets you in audio/video classes...

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1on1 Private Lessons

Private Lessons

You feel the interaction with a private teacher boosts your learning. You need a schedule that meets your busy life...

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Maura Garau, CyberItalian Founder and Italian Language Coach

Coaching Programs

You feel there is a barrier between you and the Italian language and culture, and you wish to discover your Italian persona...

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