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  • Thanks. I really appreciate your answers. This is the most user-friendly, responsive site I've run across. Harris
  • I like all of it! I can take the course with me on my iPad and study throughout the day as I have time. I use my computer only on weekends for the site and to take the tests. I love the diversity of your topics! For those of us who want to study, this site is a treasure. Most courses are targeted toward tourists. Comments: I have told my Prof at the IIC in Los Angeles about this site. I found you through the UN one evening while desperately searching for a learning tool. Thank you all so much. Charlene
  • Thanks for the speedy and detailed reply. I have a better appreciation for the approach you are taking. It differs from the very spoon-feed method some programs use, which (unfortunately) I started with. Having seen the differences between the various approaches, I think your approach has a lot of positives. I'll press on in my studies. GS
  • I thought it a very well structured and resourced learning experience. Especially enjoyed the listening and pronunciation aides. There was truly nothing I did not enjoy. Josie
  • Thanks so much!  This is my second tutored course with Cyberitalian and I loved it.  Both times I had Prof Serena and she’s excellent.  She has given me prompt responses to my questions and very useful feedback on my written work.  I hope to have her again as my tutor!

    I have had to take a break from studying Italian due to work commitments that take up all of my free time, but I miss it and I’m working on Italian on my own a little.  I hope to be back with Cyberitalian soon with the next course.  I don’t want to lose momentum. Kris
  • Buongiorno, Thank you so much for your reply. I have to say how much I am appreciating your help and support in this course.I have over the years felt quite isolated in my learning of Italian and had to make decisions about how to study and remain motivated. When you get to a more advanced level many of my questions have fallen on deaf ears - and therefore it is difficult to know if one is making the correct choices. Many classes I have attended do not explain the grammar correctly. I have written a few 'ASK THE PROF" questions and have been uplifted by your careful and accurate responses. This is very helpful and motivating for me and is making me feel much more positive about my studies. I wanted to write and tell you this because it is so important to me. I feel that your site is a caring one that will encourage me to continue. Thank you so much. Elaine
  • Maura Garau has a strong desire to enhance the quality of life of others, and that desire is the basis for her unique approach of teaching the Italian language and culture through her company, Cyberitalian. Her creativity, her strength of character, her world-class skills as a teacher, her passion for life, her dedication to her family, her life's pursuit of her own continuing education, her personal understanding of the essence of life and of human interaction, her genuine concern for others and her contagious sincerity are all qualities that make Maura so much more than a "Renaissance Woman". I guarantee that if you have a relationship with Maura, it is one that is not only mutually beneficial, it is one that you will always cherish. Charles
  • I have just renewed my private lessons, thank you. I really want to compliment you on your program. First, the online self study resources are exceptional. veramente! I have completed all the beginner lessons and have just started the intermediate ones. Also, the way the online resources are put together, that accompany the lessons are so useful. I’ve not seen these type of resources organized so well anywhere else. Finally, I am thrilled by how good a teacher Benedetta is! She is very knowledgable about grammar in both italian and english, but she also really knows how to be a teacher. This is a very specific skill and I was very happy and very impressed by this. I was not expecting this. There may be an opportunity to market the quality and capability of your teachers more on your website. Benedetta really encourages and challenges me to speak italian in our lessons, but will pause to explain something to me in English which I find super-helpful. Also, the fact that when I speak Italian, if I don’t know an Italian word, I can say a word in English and she just tells me the right Italian word and we move forward. I find this more helpful than being forced to struggle to only speak italian, and never learn the word I need! :) thank you so much. I am very excited to continue. Patty
  • I have been fortunate to have been able to participate in both the "Your Renaissance" and the "Life the Italian Way" programs. There were so many things that I liked about these programs that it is difficult to single any one in particular. For example, the materials were excellent. That is, the works of art that we examined in the "Your Renaissance" sessions were incredibly beautiful and interesting. The same is true of the wide cross-section of films that were reviewed in the "Life the Italian Way" sessions. The way these different art forms, paintings and movies, were presented within the context of Italian history, life, and culture made the sessions really come to life. I found myself looking forward to the next session with anticipation and enthusiasm. Michael G.

  • I would strongly recommend Cyberitalian to anyone interested in learning more about the Italian language and, importantly, Italian culture. Cyberitalian takes a unified approach to both; realizing the importance of providing a cultural context for language studies. The self-paced nature of the online lessons is perfectly suited to someone who is trying to fit his or her language studies into a busy existing schedule. Michael S.
  • I spent 250 bucks last month on Rosetta Stone, Level 5. It wasn't bad, even pretty good. Your course is far better. You dip into the vernacular much more than did the other. And you stuff all kinds of useful and interesting material into every nook and cranny. I usually don't get as good a deal from online sources as I have with you guys. Good job. Pat
  • As a former foreign language teacher, I consider your course to be widely superior to any others I've seen. Paulette
  • Congratulations on the site. I am vice president of a training company in Alexandria, Virginia. I have been thinking a lot about distance learning and looking at a lot of examples. Yours is one of the best I've seen--easy to use, fun, and inviting. It is really inspiring to me as I try to see how our courses could be offered in a new way. Grazie, Sally
  • A great course which has focused me and inspired me to keep going. Thank you Cyber Italian. I'm looking forward to the intermediate level. Emily
  • Teaching is an art form and Maura is a master of the art. If your passion is to explore the beauty of Italy's language and culture, you will be in the hands of a teacher who has a profound understanding of Italy's humanistic heritage. And for the diligent student, she can offer you the keys to open that treasure using the most beautiful language in the world. Gerald

  • I have really enjoyed my 12 week tutored course and do intend to enrol for the next one. I feel I have started to pick up the basics of the language and have found Cyber Italian and all the associated  learning aids great fun and very interesting and enjoyable. Thank you for a fabulous learning experience so far. Josie
  • My lessons with Maura have helped me become more confident when speaking Italian.  She is extremely good, keeping the conversation at a pace that is appropriate for my level, correcting me without being critical, explaining and encouraging me to continue practicing.  When I have tried lessons with other teachers, there were many awkward moments, but I never feel that way with her. While dining in a restaurant last week, I sat next to an Italian couple vacationing in Miami and I had a very pleasant conversation with them - I would have never had the confidence to do that before my lessons with Maura. Jennifer
  • Vorrei ringraziare a tutti della scuola CyberItalian, per tutto il Loro aiuto e paziencia con me. Sono state 8 settimane meravigliose. Mi piacciono molto i dialoghi, le letture di cultura, e le spiegazioni della grammatica, sopratutto. Il feedback delle professoresse ha stato sempre chiaro e molto utile, con buoni suggerimenti e incoraggiamento. Consiglierei a qualsiasi studente di fare questo corso se cerca uno in linea. Grazie mille, A presto, Donna (PsyD, DMin, FPPR, CETS, MLS World Language Teacher, Translator, Librarian, Behavioral Psychologist)
  • The Italian Coaching Programs have helped my understanding, knowledge, and appreciation for the Italian culture and language immensely. From just a language point of view, my vocabulary has increased enormously, my written expression has improved, my reading comprehension has improved, and certainly my oral presentation and understanding has improved significantly. From a cultural understanding and knowledge, I have learned so much it is really difficult to explain. I now follow Italian politics by reading articles and blogs, I watch economy, and I continue to rent/buy Italian movies. There was one incident in particular with which I was very pleased with myself. It happened shortly after I finished the "Your Renaissance" program. There is comment that is attributed to Michelangelo about the reason he was predestined to be a sculptor. Someone I was talking with asked, in Italian, if I knew to whom the comment was related, I cannot express the pride I felt when I responded, in Italian, Michelangelo and the background surrounding it. Michael G.

  • Buongiorno, I just wanted to say how fantastic the private lesson was. I think the set-up is very clever, the way you structure the lessons etc, and the teacher was great! In the past Ive seen a few different tutors as well as attending group classes and have to say I think the lesson with you was one of the best Ive had. Lisa
  • This is truly a very special and unique program. It's not like the rest of Italian courses the Internet offers. I have never found such a high quality course. Andrew
  • Thank you so much for your esteemable help!! I would like to say I am VERY satisfied with CyberItalian because it is very well structured, organised, detailed, comprehansive and clear. I really ENJOY it, honestly ! Congratulations for such a good job !! I will be very pleased to recommend it forward. Ciao, Monica
  • Le domande della Professoressa Maura Garau mi fanno pensare, studiare, ricercare, indagare ed inquisire per arrivare al traguardo e vedere un giorno miei propri desideri, di conoscere la lingua italiana, compiuti. Per ciò soltanto mi rimane ringraziare a la professoressa per questo metodo di insegnamento che lei ci pone a portata de mano. Mille grazie. Ciao. Ruben
  • Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher! You make my lessons informative, interesting & fun! It makes me excited to learn more Italian!
  • I thought the course was excellent.  It was a little beyond my intermediate level of Italian, but that was a good thing.  It forced me to stretch.  I was usually exhausted after our hour together, from the mental exertion of speaking and comprehending Italian, but that is the kind of extended and challenging interaction I need.  This is the first time I've taken any kind of Italian instruction that was based on a curriculum other than the language itself.  I was thrilled to get exposure to the content of the course (Italian Renaissance Art), and ecstatic finally to find forum where I can speak and hear the Italian language. Deborah
  • I truly enjoyed my lessons... and I accomplished want I wanted. I do believe that what you are offering in the way of private lessons is exceptional. Writing a short theme before each lesson was excellent practice for me; the corrections provided were very helpful. Initially, I thought that an hour might be a bit too long for me but it turned out to be just right due to the variety of activities. I believe I have built up my endurance and raised my "comfort level" in Italian. I will find out next week when we are in Italy. I do think this was one of the most challenging and stimulating educational experiences I have had. The teacher was excellent... I didn't expect to find someone so knowledgeable and literate in this kind of a program. I plan to take more lessons in the future. Gary
  • The Italian Coaching Program is an incredible experience and opportunity. I can honestly say that this program changed not only the way I view my Italian heritage, but also the way I view life in general. It made me give pause to reflect on many things in life I have taken for granted, adjust my priorities, and even enjoy life a bit more. I am looking forward to taking the next sessions in this program, "The Opera of Love". Michael G.
  • I want to tell you how great I think the lessons are. In particular, I love the fact that each of the lessons features a regional accent! One of my great loves is le canzoni di Napoli, and when I got to intermediate lesson 18, and heard Pulcinella, I immediately recognized a familiar sound, because the great Enrico Caruso was a native of Napoli. Thanks for the very useful lessons. I have recommended the site to several friends.
  • My teacher is fantastic. She is patient, funny and urbane. I enjoyed our six private lessons very much and feel I learned a great deal. I plan to resume at the beginning of next year and hope to continue with her as a teacher. I like Cyberitalian's approach to learning Italian, and the way the teacher utilized the Cyberitalian framework in our private lessons. Michael P.
  • Maura is a fantastic teacher! Prior to finding CyberItalian I had seen a few different tutors and also attended group lessons so I have experience of different styles and methods of teaching and have to say that for me the lessons with Maura are by far the best. I love the structure the CyberItalian lessons give to the class - it keeps the lessons fresh and interesting. The lessons are really a pleasure. Also, unlike group classes where sometimes I would hide at the back and not get involved I always get a fantastic learning experience out of my lessons with Maura - there is nowhere to hide - in a good way! Lisa
  • Hi, I have been taking a Rosetta Stone course for three months, (I am at level 2, Unit2) and came across your website. I tried the sample lessons and I like how the course seems to be laid out. My time with Rosetta Stone Italian was doing OK for nouns and some simple phrases, but the picture/word association does not work at all when it comes to grammar. The tenses/articles and conjugations, past/future etc are not as easy to learn/manipulate in that method. I found myself buying a grammar book to understand how the verbs are related and that has helped, but it is not very efficient. So I am interested in signing up with your course. Frank
  • Cara insegnante... non le ho detto prima ma vorrei ringraziarla per le mie lezioni. Apprezzo tutto il lavoro che fa...il compito, i video, le analisi...
  • Thank you for your timely response. I understand and will do as you suggest. I am having fun with the lessons! David
  • A great system that lets you move at your own pace. James, Ph.D.
  • Thank you for your prompt response. It was great being on line so quickly. I look forward to my studies. Vicky
  • Thanks for your E-mail of 2/14/02. With your help I just figured out what I was doing wrong. I had to take a couple of extra steps with my computer. I wrote everything down now, step by step, so I won't need to bug you anymore! Thanks again. Gus
  • I have had a fabulous time so far learning Italian via Cyberitalian - grazie molto! I've just finished the Beginner lessons and feel confident in what I have learned so far. I think Cyberitalian is brilliant for the following reasons: - I don't have the spare time to go to a language school. - the lessons are easy to follow. - I am free to leave the lessons & then pick up where I left off any time I like. - the sound files make the lessons come alive & are great for helping with pronunciation! - the exercises are excellent for practice again & again. - the grammar is well-explained. - the fact that you can check your answers through Pinocchio. - the Glossary! - the access to cultural information etc. - the "Pinocchio" theme makes it interesting going along to each new lesson & following Pinocchio's story. I highly recommend Cyberitalian to anybody who is thinking of learning Italian, who has access to the internet & who has a busy lifestyle that doesn't allow time for going to school. Bravo Cyberitalian! Ciao, Stephanie. P.S. I know I've written a lot but I really think you deserve the praise!
  • The private lessons were everything I hoped they would be. My professoressa, was wonderful. She listened carefully to my needs as a student, and tailored my lessons accordingly. She did an excellent job of incorporating important cultural points into the lesson.
  • Thank you for your very helpful and very quick reply! Dienne
  • I have been a subscriber for two years and benefit from your timely format and informative links. I continue to learn Italian and depend on your site for help and guidance as well as current information about things Italian. Grazie. Vito
  • Like: The organization and layout of each topic is superb. I've only visited your grammar site, and I'm a very critical person - I find it to be the most helpful site that I've come across.Comments: I can't thank you enough! You've explained things that the College Italian books botch up. |5/12/2001|
  • Thanks for the info - I will try your suggestions. I (and my son) am actually Scottish/English; but my beautiful daughter in law is Italian. Again, thank you for your help. Chuck
  • Your newsletters are absolutely wonderful! Don't ever stop! -Diane
  • You rock and roll, thank you, thank you, and much baci
  • In the Coaching program there were always additional questions that were really challenging within context of how I thought about myself, my life, my culture, the aspect of the Italian culture covered in the session, and how all these things did or did not relate to one another. Some of the questions were difficult to answer, but, for me, that only made them more interesting.

    However, I guess that what I found most interesting and enjoyable in the Coaching program was the interaction with Maura. The dialogue that we shared during each session was always thought provoking and fun. She was always incredibly patient and supportive. There were days when la mia lingua just would not come out correctly and I would struggle. Those were some best days because Maura would really coach me through them. I learn a great deal about the Italian Language and the Italian Culture from Maura, she is a wonderful teacher and a guide. My favorite experience, and one I will always look back on with a smile, was the afternoon Maura and I shared in Rome. We had lunch, toured the museum and gardens at the Villa Borghese, and had a magnificent conversation. The only thing I regret about this experience, was I forget to ask if we could have a picture taken of us together. Michael G.

  • I like the entire concept. The linguistic and pedagogical intelligence.
  • Cyberitalian staff, I wanted to say what a pleasant surprise to find a new interactive platform with a handsome young man to pronounce my lessons for me. I love it. The lady is great also.... are we going to get to choose.... ha ha!@!# I have told a number of poeple about your site since I started, I think it is exceptional. Thank you again! Vi
  • It's a wonderful site, they dont give italian at my school, so yay that I have yall!
  • I like the lessons, and I look into the message boards, I feel too afraid of the chat rooms as my Italian is not good. I will just go in and listen without chatting to get a feel for it!
  • Keep up the good work. Please add more interesting lessons and articles. Well done!
  • In my bookcase I have: Binders filled with Italian Classics-Short Stories. Cyberitalian Lessons 12-25. Information from CyberItalian articles, including links and Grammar, (always there with a ho-hai-ha if you need it). Fortuitously, I can get CyberItalian when I am at Rome and Frascati, my favorite city in the Castelli Romani. Saluti a tutti, Richard
  • The site pleasantly surprised me, it is very complete in its different approaches to language learning. The inclusion of a wide range of subjects makes it very interesting and fun too; and the extra activities are a great way to reinforce what you have just learned.
  • Thank you so much for your newsletters. I do enjoy them so much. Lynne
  • The crossword puzzle was great fun thanks. Peri
  • I liked very much the tutored course, the fact that someone corrected my homework, the fact that I could actually speak in Italian with a native speaker, but also with people from all around the world!  The grammar is very well explained, I find it easy to understand and the exercises are well organized and help a lot in learning the grammar and the pronunciation. I also liked finding out more about the italian culture and history.
    All in all I consider this course to be a very interesting experience that helped me in learning Italian!
  • Dear people at CyberItalian, thank you for your wonderful course. It was able to identify very cleverly the sort of mistakes I tend to make and offer correction. The research required was also excellent as it forced me to read online publications, so increasing my capacity to understand news reporting. Writing was also a very good learning tool especially with the detailed correction provided the prof. The points of grammar were all useful and the exercises were very good at making me think. Generally speaking, the course offered a whole host of ways to learn that I hadn't been exposed to before. The prof was always willing to help and has a nice sense of humour. Big thanks to the prof!
  • I liked Cyber Italian for the price you can't beat the amount of content. There are many fun ways on your website to learn the Italian language, such as videos, recordings, reading, games, culture, etc. I especially loved the A/V chat with the tutor from Rome, Italy. She made me feel like I was in Rome with her. That was amazing. The emails to the professor and lesson corrections were very helpful when trying to understand the grammar and sentance structure better.
  • Le domande della Professoressa Maura Garau mi fanno pensare, studiare, ricercare, indagare ed inquisire per arrivare al traguardo e vedere un giorno miei propri desideri, di conoscere la lingua italiana, compiuti. Per ciò soltanto mi rimane ringraziare a la professoressa per questo metodo di insegnamento che lei ci pone a portata de mano. Mille grazie. Ciao. Ruben
  • Grazie mille per il tuo aiuto. Ho imparato molto rispetto alla lingua ed alla cultura italiana. Auguri a tutti, Tom