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Do you want to bring your knowledge of Italian to a superior level?

Maura Garau, Founder and Head Teacher cyberitalian.com
Maura Garau
CyberItalian Founder and
Italian Language Coach

  • Who you are
    You are a lover of Italy, you speak the language (a tiny bit or pretty well), you are very attracted to Italy, you want to deeply connect with the Italian language and culture.
  • What your issues tend to be
    You wish you could connect more with your "Italian persona" and improve your knowledge of the language and the culture.
  • What you need most right now
    You need to relax into an Italian experience, connect with your Italian persona, practice Italian (at your level), improve your language level, become self-confident about Italian and feel in control of what you know and what you don't know. You need to take a journey through the Italian language and culture and be a part of it.



Take a significant step toward improving your knowledge of the language and the culture!







Your Renaissance


Are you ready to experience the Renaissance?

Do you want to discover how Italian Renaissance and Humanistic values are related to you?

How they can inspire you?

How you can apply the brilliant insight of

Italian Renaissance and Humanism to your daily life and work?


Enjoy Renaissance masterworks and explore the

Humanistic values embedded in the Italian daily life.


Recommended for all language levels, from beginner to advanced.




Life the Italian Way




Do you wish to better understand the backbone of the Italian culture (something that Italians know deeply because they were

born and raised in Italy)?

Can the Italian lifestyle help you to improve your life?

Have you ever heard the expression:

'Italians work for living, they do not live for working'?


Practice the Italian language and be part of the Italian culture.

Enjoy Italian cinema and understand how

Italian cinema has marked the growth of the Italian society and lifestyle

after World War Two.


Recommended for intermediate and advanced language levels.




The Opera of Love


Do you want to explore the idea of what is 'Love'?

What about the myth of the Latin lover and

the charm of the Italian woman?

What is 'il fascino'?

What happens after people get married and 'live happily ever after'?

How can we enhance our relationships?


Answer all questions through the most famous operas.

You don't have to be an opera lover to enjoy this program but certainly, at the end of it, you'll love and understand opera.


Recommended for intermediate and advanced language levels.



Key facts - A note from Maura and bio - Coaching approach - Registration


Sibilla Delfica

Cappella Sistina, dettaglio della Sibilla Delfica, di Michelangelo, (1508-1512)


Testimonial: Maura Garau has a strong desire to enhance the quality of life of others, and that desire is the basis for her unique approach of teaching the Italian language and culture through her company, CyberItalian. Her creativity, her strength of character, her world-class skills as a teacher, her passion for life, her dedication to her family, her life's pursuit of her own continuing education, her personal understanding of the essence of life and of human interaction, her genuine concern for others and her contagious sincerity are all qualities that make Maura so much more than a "Renaissance Woman". I guarantee that if you have a relationship with Maura, it is one that is not only mutually beneficial, it is one that you will always cherish.
Charles T. Chiarello


Key Facts
  Individual Coaching
8 online sessions, available 24/7 si=
Educational materials and assignments to be discussed with CyberItalian founder, Maura Garau, during the online meetings Si

Movie DVDs and Opera CDs with libretto

(depending on the chosen Coaching Program)


8 online 60 minute Skype meetings with Maura Garau

Bonus: Access to all CyberItalian self-study lessons (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for a total of 60 lessons) Si
Bonus: Access to all CyberItalian activities Si
Written, personalized corrections and feedback Si
Online Progress report Si

Lunch in Rome

Maura would like to take you for lunch at one of her favorite places in Rome.

Be our guest! If you are in Rome during the Coaching Program or later, please consider this invitation (upon availability - meeting schedule is flexible and will be discussed and arranged.)



Technical requirements:

Broad-band (DSL or Cable) Internet access - Recent browser (IE, Firefox, etc.) with Flash 6 or later - Skype - Headset with microphone.



The Italian Coaching Programs are an intensive and life touching experience.


In the Italian Coaching Programs, you practice the language and the culture intensively, and you interact and create a bond with your Coach, CyberItalian Founder and Head Teacher, Maura Garau. If you are a beginner or low-intermediate practitioner we suggest that you start with Your Renaissance, as this program can be conducted both in Italian or in English (when you don't understand something in Italian we'll speak English).


Marcello Mastroianni
Actor Marcello Mastroianni taking a break


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Testimonial: In the Coaching program there were always additional questions that were really challenging within context of how I thought about myself, my life, my culture, the aspect of the Italian culture covered in the session, and how all these things did or did not relate to one another. Some of the questions were difficult to answer, but, for me, that only made them more interesting.

However, I guess that what I found most interesting and enjoyable in the Coaching program was the interaction with Maura. The dialogue that we shared during each session was always thought provoking and fun. She was always incredibly patient and supportive. There were days when la mia lingua just would not come out correctly and I would struggle. Those were some best days because Maura would really coach me through them. I learn a great deal about the Italian Language and the Italian Culture from Maura, she is a wonderful teacher and a guide. My favorite experience, and one I will always look back on with a smile, was the afternoon Maura and I shared in Rome. We had lunch, toured the museum and gardens at the Villa Borghese, and had a magnificent conversation. The only thing I regret about this experience, was I forget to ask if we could have a picture taken of us together.

Michael G.


Scapigliata di Leonardo

Testa di fanciulla (1508 ca)
by Leonardo da Vinci


Testimonial: The greatest benefit I have derived from CyberItalian, has been from my several years' association with my teacher, Maura Garau. Maura pursues the teaching of language as a calling, in the sense that one was "called" to one of the three traditional learned professions of medicine, law or theology. She is a consummate teaching professional who clearly takes great pride in her work, and has helped me begin to realize some of my Italian language goals.

Michael F. S.


don Giovanni
Don Giovanni,
from the trilogy by Mozart and Lorenzo da Ponte,
a powerful analysis of Love


A Note from Maura & Bio

Trionfo di Galatea di Raffaello

Il Trionfo di Galatea, by Raffaello (about 1511)

"I've always been mesmerized by the richness of Italian creativity and Humanism. For many years I've been thinking about a course to help my students get the 'ultimate experience' about Italian language and culture: how could I extract the most important values of Italian culture, creativity and humanism, and include them into a well designed and interesting course? How could I have my students apply their creativity and insight during the course? The Italian Coaching Programs are the answer to these questions. I do hope you will enjoy the Italian Coaching Programs. They are a journey into the Italian language and culture, and into your 'Italian persona'. Buon viaggio! I am looking forward to sharing precious moments with you." Maura


Please find here Maura's bio


Testimonial: Teaching is an art form and Maura is a master of the art. If your passion is to explore the beauty of Italy's language and culture, you will be in the hands of a teacher who has a profound understanding of Italy's humanistic heritage. And for the diligent student, she can offer you the keys to open that treasure using the most beautiful language in the world.

Gerald V.



Coaching Approach

"There are many different coaching approaches (goal oriented, directive, PNL, value based, solution based, etc.) Sometimes different coaching approaches might overlap. I do not use PNL or goal focused approaches, I use a mix of non-directive, content and solution focused approaches, but I prefer to define my style as a humanistic approach, where I am very interested in the 'percorso' (the journey) a person takes. The outcome (the goal, the solutions) in the Italian Coaching Program might be different from person to person, as each participant in the Program has different needs and goals to reach. The best journey is the one that allows each person to explore the external (e.g. the landscape), the internal (e.g. the soul) and express the best of her/him self." Maura



Sofia Loren

La famosa attrice Sophia Loren


Testimonial: I thought the course was excellent.  It was a little beyond my intermediate level of Italian, but that was a good thing.  It forced me to stretch.  I was usually exhausted after our hour together, from the mental exertion of speaking and comprehending Italian, but that is the kind of extended and challenging interaction I need.  This is the first time I've taken any kind of Italian instruction that was based on a curriculum other than the language itself.  I was thrilled to get exposure to the content of the course (Italian Renaissance Art), and ecstatic finally to find a way where I can speak and hear the Italian language.





The Italian Coaching Programs are a very special and unique educational experience where you will bring your Italian language and culture to a higher level.


To qualify and register for an Italian Coaching Program, please contact us. Also, please include a reply to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to register in the Italian Coaching Program?
  • What's your Italian language level? (take a placement test if you need)
Upcoming Coaching dates Anytime - to be agreed upon
Tuition fee



(or 3 $500 installments)

Duration of the Program 8 weeks or more depending on the participant needs (e.g. online meetings might be held every other week)

FREE access to ALL CyberItalian self-study lessons (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced for a total of 60 lessons), Ask-the-Prof service, Pronunciation Guides, Voice Recorder and Forums. Upon availability, Maura would like you to be her guest for a lunch in Rome in one of her favorite restaurants.


  • Imagine feeling at ease with the Italian language and culture, and having full enjoyment and comprehension of your 'Italian persona'.
  • How would THAT make a difference in your life?
  • How would THAT make a difference in the lives of people around you?

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