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CyberItalian offers the richest set of Italian learning materials and resources available online.


Whether you are a beginner student traveling to Italy, or you are an intermediate or advanced student looking to deepen your understanding and use of the language, with CyberItalian you will improve your comprehension, vocabulary, cultural knowledge, speaking, conversation, and most importantly your confidence to use Italian.


Our Self-Study Course includes 3 levels:


Chianti source 123rf.com

20 Beginner Lessons
In this level, you start to get involved with the Italian language and culture. You learn how to greet someone, introduce your self, express opinions, describe objects, places or situations, order at the restaurant, ask for directions, make a phone call, book a hotel room, go shopping, use the simple past and much more! Get started now! or Take a FREE trial!



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20 Intermediate Lessons
In this level, you "travel" through Italy and you get to know more of the Italian culture. You become familiar with Italian topics such as Opera, Art, Cinema and others. You learn how to express your opinions in a better way, understand more complex sentences, make comparisons, narrate a fact, write a letter, use the future and much more! Get started now! or Take a FREE trial!



Detail from La Creazionr by Michelangelo

20 Advanced Lessons
In this level, you get to know more and more of Italian culture through authentic material and you learn how to write your resume in Italian, make hypothesis, refine and maintain the language, use the subjunctive and much more! Get started now! or Take a FREE trial!


How our Self Study Lessons Work

CyberItalian is based on a course developed for the United Nations in New York. Each language level includes access 24x7 to 20 online Lessons, with audio, pronunciation guides, voice recording system, learning Activities, self-administered and graded exercises linked to the grammar explanation (you have a quick reference if you forget the rules!), easy-to-understand grammatical explanations linked to the exercises (you can practice immediately!), Ask-the-Prof-Service (you will never feel lost during your Italian studies), self-administered and graded exams, Grammar, Glossary, articles, proverbs and cultural notes.

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Key Facts
Course levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Dates: available 24 hours a day
Prices: See table
Features: A total of 60 self-administered lessons, divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses (20 lessons per level)
More than 1,000 audio files
Pronunciation guides and voice recording system to improve your listening and verbal skills
3,000 words used in the lessons and listed in the Glossary
Self-administered, graded exercises linked to the grammar (so you have a quick reference if you forget the rules!)
Self-administered, graded exams for each lesson
Easy-to-understand grammatical explanations linked to the exercises (so you can practice immediately!)
Ask-the-Prof-Service (so you will never feel alone during your Italian studies)
Progress report with exercises and exams dates and scores
Learning Activities to practice and reinforce what you study
Proverbs and cultural notes
Technical Requirements Internet access - Recent browser (Google Chrome, Windows Edge, Firefox, etc.) - see details


Testimonial: "A great system that lets you move at your own pace. James, Ph.D." see more testimonials



Course Program and Objectives


Testimonial: "The organization and layout of each topic is superb... and I'm a very critical person - I find it to be the most helpful site that I've come across. Comments: I can't thank you enough! You've explained things that the College Italian books botch up." see more testimonials




With the registration in the CyberItalian courses or programs you will also become a CyberItalian Member.

CyberItalian Membership includes the following:

  • access to ALL Self-Study course materials (a total of 60 lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced students), any time of the day and night
  • access to the Pronunciation Guides and Voice Recording System for pronunciation assessment
  • access to the Ask-the-Prof service (for questions about the language or your study)




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PLEASE NOTE: this course is not geared toward high school students. If you are looking for school courses click here.