Maura Garau CyberItalian Inc. was founded in 1997 by two partners who followed a vision: take advantage of the new emerging technology, the Internet, to offer – to as many people as possible – an innovative, flexible and effective method to learn the Italian language, discover the Italian culture and express themselves.

“During my university years and study of “Foreign Languages and Literature” I realized that “knowing a subject very well” is not enough to teach it. Therefore I also studied, practiced and researched in the field of communication and human development in order to give a true meaning to the word “educare” (to educate, to teach; from the Latin “ex-ducere”, to bring out). For me, the best educational experience is the one that allows each student to express (bring out) the best of him/herself.

Back in 1996, as Director of the Italian Language Program for the United Nations UNSRC Circolo Culturale Italiano in New York, I was strongly influenced by the challenge of teaching in a multicultural environment (192 different countries constitute the United Nations).

I was determined to create a language program and method that could address the educational needs of different students and, at the same time, help them to express themselves. I analyzed many learning approaches. Some students preferred a communicative and playful approach, others liked a more reassuring and analytical approach. Others wanted a combination of both. Some students preferred a self-study course. Others needed the guide of a tutor or the interaction with a professor. Some students liked the concept of long-distance study. Others preferred interacting with a teacher and the class. However, all students liked to express themselves and to give voice to their opinions and personality.

Thus I designed a method and different educational materials that could embrace all those learning needs, with the goal of allowing each student to express the best of him/herself: CyberItalian was born”.

Maura Garau, President CyberItalian Inc.

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