CyberItalian Inc. was founded in 1997 by two partners, Maura Garau and Paolo Vacchina, who followed a vision: take advantage of the new emerging technology, the Internet, to offer – to as many people as possible – an innovative, flexible and effective method to learn the Italian language, discover the Italian culture and express themselves.

Back in 1996, as Director of the Italian Language Program for the United Nations UNSRC Circolo Culturale Italiano in New York, Ms. Garau was strongly influenced by the challenge of teaching in a multicultural environment (192 different countries constitute the United Nations).

She was determined to create a language program and method that could address the educational needs of different students and, at the same time, help them to express themselves. She analyzed many learning approaches. Some students preferred a communicative and playful approach, others liked a more reassuring and analytical approach. Others wanted a combination of both. Some students preferred a self-study course. Others needed the guidance of a tutor or the interaction with a professor. Some students liked the concept of long-distance study. Others preferred interacting with a teacher and the class. However, all students liked to express themselves and to give voice to their opinions and personality.

Thus she designed a method and different educational materials that could embrace all those learning needs, with the goal of allowing each student to express the best of him/herself: CyberItalian was born.

CyberItalian allows you to deepen the study of the Italian language and culture. Try it now on cyberitalian.com

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