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L’arrotino: affila i tuoi verbi irregolari! (The blade sharpener: sharpen your irregular verbs!)

27 marzo 2015 Commenti chiusi

A volte in Italia capita ancora di svegliarsi al suono della voce di un venditore in strada che urla: “donne, è arrivato l’arrotino, donne è arrivato l’ombrellaio…” L’arrotino è un artigiano che appartiene ad una cultura antica in cui le cose non venivano gettate ma riparate. Nella società moderna tendiamo a buttare via le cose e comprarne di nuove.
E tu? Sei una persona che butta via le cose vecchie o le conserva?
Butti via le cose rotte o le aggiusti?
Ti piace comprare oggetti nuovi?

Sometimes in Italy it may happen to wake up to the voice of a street vendor shouting: donne, è arrivato l’arrotino, donne è arrivato l’ombrellaio… (women the blade-sharpener has arrived, women, the man who repairs umbrellas has arrived). The “arrotino” is an artisan, who belongs to an ancient culture where things were not thrown away but repaired. In modern society we tend to throw things away and buy new ones.
And you? Are you someone who throws old things away or do you keep them?
Do you throw away broken things or do you fix them?
Do you like to buy new things?

To practice Italian this week we invite you to read and play…
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Image source: wikipedia.it

Citazione della settimana (Quote of the week)

10 novembre 2009 Commenti chiusi

La migliore Ferrari che sia mai stata costruita è la prossima.
(The best Ferrari ever built is the next one.)

By Enzo Ferrari, father of the most famous cars in the world!

Image courtesy of Renato Zacchia


Conversation at the restaurant

4 settembre 2009 Commenti chiusi

Being a waiter in Italy can be a well-rewarded profession, with a long-term contract. In Italy waiters have their salary so you are not obliged to leave a tip; however, la “mancia” is certainly appreciated and it is definitely a nice thing to give if the waiter provides a good service. Many restaurants are family owned, so for them offering a high quality service is very important (often the waiter is the owner of the place or a relative).

To practice Italian this week I invite you to read and watch a video…

Tombola in Trevignano

18 agosto 2009 Commenti chiusi

What about an entire village playing “Tombola” (Bingo) at night in the main square?

That’s what happened in Trevignano the other night. Everybody sitting in the bar, or on the sidewalk, or on the street benches, road closed to cars, everybody checking their numbers, talking with friends, relaxing.

It takes a whole village to raise a child. It takes a whole village to live with quality.

The human touch we need in our life.

Buon proseguimento!