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Introduzione alla lezione

Challenge yourself!

Watch this video introduction in Italian where Maura Garau, founder of cyberitalian.com, explains how to navigate in the lesson.
Browse through the lesson with Maura, using the menu on the right.

In the Beginner level of our Italian course, Pino (Pinocchio - a traditional character in Italian culture), realizes that his "good friends" the Cat and Fox are not really good friends. But what is friendship after all?


In the Intermediate level, Pino and the Talking Cricket travel through Italy to meet famous people (Rossini, Fellini, Michelangelo, Leonardo...) and ask them what friendship is.


In this Advanced level, Pino wants to become rich and famous, even though he doesn't know what to do in life. But what is life after all?

He meets famous Italian people (Dante, Ferrari, Galileo...) and asks them how to become rich, happy and famous.


In this lesson, you will learn about the famous writer Dante and the situation of the job market in Italy. You will begin to "refine" your use of the Italian language and prepare your curriculum vitae (résumé).


The linguistic elements you will find are:

  • Infinito, gerundio, participio e curriculum vitae
    (Infinitive, gerund, participle and curriculum vitae - résumé)
  • Verbi con preposizioni
    (Verbs with prepositions)
  • Diminutivi, maggiorativi, peggiorativi
    (Diminutives, augmentatives, pejoratives)

To continue with the lesson, click on the icons below or use the menu on the right. We suggest that you follow these steps:

  1. Listen and speak with "Dialogo", read the commentary and enjoy the proverb
  2. Learn the cultural aspects with "Cultura"
  3. Discover the grammar with "Grammatica"
  4. Practice with "Esercizi"
  5. Have fun and reinforce what you have learned with "Attività"
  6. When you are ready, test yourself with "Esame"

To get help during the lesson use the tools on the right:

  • Pronuncia (Activate Maria and Franco, your Pronunciation Guides, and select any Italian text you wish to hear pronounced in the lessons. Record your voice to get an evaluation of your pronunciation)
  • Grammatica (Visit the "Grammar" for an in-depth explanation of the topics you learn in the lessons)
  • Glossario (Check the "Glossary" to help you widen your vocabulary)



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