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Pinocchio e Leonardo

Pinocchio and Leonardo, Intermediate Lesson 5

All our courses are based on the CyberItalian method and include access to the basic learning materials:

  1. in-depth lessons with audio, pronunciation guides, self-administered exercises and exams, and
  2. learning activities with puzzles, cross-words, reading/listening comprehension, songs, recipes and many others. New activities are added regularly.


The lessons are divided into three levels:

The activities to practice and reinforce the use of the language are divided into 9 different types and 8 subjects:

The basic learning materials also include:

  • Alphabet (with an activity about pronunciation and comprehension)
  • Grammar (8 sections with the rules and principles governing the use of language)
  • Glossary (with more than 3000 words used in the lessons)

The Tutored Courses and Private Lessons provide additional educational materials designed for the specific needs of the tutored and private students.