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Two FREE weeks for new Self-Study students!

Access to 60 beginner, intermediate, advanced lessons: ONLY $4.95 - monthly or biannual payment!


Choose the course or program that works better for you:


  Membership and Self-Study Course Tutored Courses 1to1 Private Lessons
ALL Self-Study course materials (a total of 60 lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced students) Si Si Si
Ask-the-Prof service Si Si Si
Pronunciation Guides and Voice Recorder Si Si Si
Fun-learning Activities Si Si Si
Special assignments with homework correction   Si Si
Personalized feedback from your experienced and dedicated teacher   Si Si
CyberItalian Certificate upon successful completion of a Course or Program   Si Si
Choice of specific educational materials depending on the interest of the students     Si
Audio/Video Group Classes with a CyberItalian teacher   Si  
1to1 Audio/Video lessons with a CyberItalian teacher     Si


$4.95 (monthly payment)

$19.95 (biannual payment)

(Standard 8 Weeks)

(Intensive 6 Weeks )

(Extended 12 Weeks )

(6 lessons)
Duration of the course or program

self paced


8, 6 or 12 weeks

6 hours

(schedule to be discussed and agreed upon)




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