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6+6 Session Expedited Courses


This expedited self-paced courses are for high school students who need to complete a full year course in a shorter time with a six session course (first semester) + another six session course (second semester).


Students get assignments and written homework corrections, complete their audio lessons, receive personalized feedback and grades and take an exam at the end of each semester.




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Key Facts
Courses: Italian I, Italian II, Italian III, Italian IV

According to student needs - self-paced

Includes: 6 + 6 asynchronous sessions, 12 self-administered lessons with exercises and exams, 8 assignments, written homework corrections, personalized feedback and grades from the teacher
8 audio-lessons with Pronunciation Guides and Voice Recorder, personalized feedback and grades from the teacher
Progress report (available online 24/7)
2 End of Semester Exams
Educational Materials: Online access to self-study interactive language lessons, audio files, pronunciation guides, exercises, grammar, glossary and learning activities


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In the Expedited Courses students follow online asynchronous sessions, complete self-administered language lessons with exercises and exams, write their assignments, record their voice in the audio lessons, and upload their assignments and recordings for correction. The teacher evaluates the work of the students, grades it and posts corrections and feedback online.


The Expedited Courses include: 6 + 6 asynchronous sessions, 12 self-administered lessons with exercises and exams, 8 assignments, 8 audio lessons, 2 end of semester exams and other educational materials provided during the course.


See sample of a session: Tutored Course - Beginner 1, session 1


8 assignments: students post assignments in the Class Forum. The teacher posts corrections and feedback in the Class Forum and in the student's Progress Report (available online 24/7).


8 audio lessons: students complete self-administered audio lessons with a Pronunciation Guide and Voice Recorder. Students upload their recording for the teacher for evaluation and grading. Students are required to have a headset/microphone combination for the audio lessons.


Pronunciation and recording
Image of Pronunciation Guide and Voice Recorder


Students who wish to practice more, upon request can participate in an online group class with a fixed-time schedule, and meet with a CyberItalian teacher for conversation and questions regarding the Italian language and culture.


Students can see their grades and personalized feedback anytime in the Progress Report (available online 24/7).


Progress report page

Sample of Progress Report
(depending on the course you take the format of the report might vary slightly)



Course Program and Objectives
Testimonial: "The organization and layout of each topic is superb... and I'm a very critical person - I find it to be the most helpful site that I've come across. Comments: I can't thank you enough! You've explained things that the College Italian books botch up." see more testimonials




CyberItalian professors and teachers are native speakers of Italian, with an Italian university B.A. or B.A. and M.A., highly qualified professionals dedicated to the promotion of the Italian language and culture.


Testimonial: "Thank you for your timely response. I understand and will do as you suggest. I am having fun with the lessons! David" see more testimonials



Assessment and Certifications

Having a variety of educational materials and activities, students are graded in different areas of study:

  • Self-Administered Exercise in the Lessons - 11,1 % weight - based on the percentage of correct answers
  • Self-Administered Exams in the Lessons - 22,2 % weight - based on the percentage of correct answers
  • Audio Lesson Recordings - 22,2 % weight - for participation, effort to speak and quality of communication (organized, clear, fluent)
  • Assignments - 22,2 % weight based on form and number of mistakes, grammar, accuracy, and overall sophistication in language and expression (40% of the assignment grade), effort and quality of homework, thesis, examples, original ideas (40% of the assignment grade), organization, style, expression (20% of the assignment grade)
  • Final Exam - 22,2 % weight - based on the percentage of correct answers.

Please note: all percentages are periodic numbers so the total is 100%


In the Self-administered Exercises included in the lessons, students receive an automatic score based on the percentage of correct answers. For educational purposes, these self-administered exercises can be taken several times (in this case, each time the student will have to re-enter the entire text in the exercise); the latest score of each exercise will be recorded over the previous one.


In the Self-administered Exams included in the lessons, students receive an automatic score based on the percentage of correct answers; only the score of the first time you take the exam will be recorded.


Grades are given in numbers with the following values:


97 - 100 Excellent, achievement surpasses the basic requirements of the course. Superior.
93 - 96 Excellent.
90 - 92 Very good. Almost Excellent.
87 - 89 Good, student fulfills all requirements. Better than Above Average, but not quite A- work.
83 - 86 Above Average.
80 - 82 Average Almost Above Average.
77 - 79 Slightly Better than Average.
73 - 76 Average.
70 - 72 Slightly Lower than Average.
67 - 69 Below Average, but making progress.
63 - 66 Below Average student approaches the standard requirements for the course.
60 - 62 Almost failing.
Below Failing.


The Final Report (XLS format) with ALL scores, final average grade and feedback from the teacher is issued for all courses (8 Session Recovery, 6+6 Session Expedited, 16+16 Session Full Year, and AP®).



Technical Requirements and FAQ

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Fees and Registration

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