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The Role of Italian Language Teaching in Present Society

30 ottobre 2009 Commenti chiusi

Getting ready for conducting the WORKSHOP tomorrow; I’m very passionate about the role of the Italian language and culture in our life. A presto!

October 31, 2009 at the UFT Headquarters, 52 Broadway in Manhattan
Session I – 11:05 – 12:15
Workshop 1 – Room A
Title: The Role of Italian Language Teaching in Present Society
Presenter: Maura Garau
Affiliation: Founder of CyberItalian Inc.

Description: Teachers will learn how Italian values may encourage personal expression, how they can be turned into educational activities, and how they can help in the relationship between teacher and students. Topics will include Greetings, Work and Rest, Our Nourishment, Daily Life and The Family.
Teacher participation will be encouraged during this workshop.
(Language of workshop: English; Examples in Italian)

Citazione della settimana (Quote of the week)

27 ottobre 2009 Commenti chiusi

Questa è la civiltà: hai tutto quello che vuoi quando non ti serve.
(This is civilization: you have everything you want when you don’t need it.)

By great comedian and actor Totò

Totò Truffa – Fontana di Trevi:

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Quote of the week

19 ottobre 2009 Commenti chiusi

L’Italia è fatta. Ora bisogna fare gli Italiani (Italy is completed, now we have to complete the Italians).

by Massimo d’Azeglio, Italian statesman, novelist and painter (1798-1866)

Quote of the week

12 ottobre 2009 Commenti chiusi

Non è da uomo saggio dire: “Vivrò”. Vivere domani è già troppo tardi: vivi oggi.
(It is not wise to say “I will live”. Living tomorrow is already too late: you have to live today.)

by the famous Latin poet Marco Valerio Marziale


Quote of the week

3 ottobre 2009 Commenti chiusi

Non voglio dimostrare niente, voglio mostrare. (I don’t want to demonstrate anything. I want to show.)
Federico Fellini

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