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Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini

28 settembre 2009 Commenti chiusi

An interesting article: Rediscovering Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini

English version

Italian version

by Gaither Stewart, Senior Contributing Editor for Cyrano’s Journal/tantmieux, novelist and journalist based in Italy.

Quote of the week

23 settembre 2009 Commenti chiusi

“Accadono cose che sono come domande. Passa un minuto, oppure anni, e poi la vita risponde”. Things happen, and they are like questions. A minute goes by, or years, and then life replies.
Alessandro Baricco

Listen and Test

21 settembre 2009 Commenti chiusi

The Italian language is very musical. To improve your listening skills and to learn a correct pronunciation we suggest that you start “developing your ear” by listening to Italian audios, songs, and language as much as you can. Click here to listen and repeat what you hear.

Italian press against Berlusconi

16 settembre 2009 Commenti chiusi

Photo courtesy of repubblica.it

Yesterday night Italians watched a very sad show on TV.

Mr. Berlusconi, in a one-man show, called Italian journalists “farabutti” (rogue, dishonest), for criticizing him and the government. Saturday September 19 there will be a big march in Rome, in favour of the Italian press and freedom of speech.

Check here for the latest comments on foreign magazines about Italy and Mr. Berlusconi.

Check the final outcome in the lawsuit involving The Economist and Berlusconi (guess who won!)

Quote of the week

15 settembre 2009 Commenti chiusi

From CyberItalian Beginner lesson 2. The key word to become Italian is “flexibility”; mental flexibility.

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Quote of the week

8 settembre 2009 Commenti chiusi

“Festina Lente” (Affrettati Lentamente; Make Haste Slowly) by Roman Emperor Ottaviano Augusto (63 BC – AD 14)

Conversation at the restaurant

4 settembre 2009 Commenti chiusi

Being a waiter in Italy can be a well-rewarded profession, with a long-term contract. In Italy waiters have their salary so you are not obliged to leave a tip; however, la “mancia” is certainly appreciated and it is definitely a nice thing to give if the waiter provides a good service. Many restaurants are family owned, so for them offering a high quality service is very important (often the waiter is the owner of the place or a relative).

To practice Italian this week I invite you to read and watch a video…