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Quote of the week

“Accadono cose che sono come domande. Passa un minuto, oppure anni, e poi la vita risponde”. Things happen, and they are like questions. A minute goes by, or years, and then life replies. Alessandro Baricco

Listen and Test

The Italian language is very musical. To improve your listening skills and to learn a correct pronunciation we suggest that you start “developing your ear” by listening to Italian audios, songs, and language as much as you can. Click here to listen and repeat what you hear.

Italian press against Berlusconi

Photo courtesy of Yesterday night Italians watched a very sad show on TV. Mr. Berlusconi, in a one-man show, called Italian journalists “farabutti” (rogue, dishonest), for criticizing him and the government. Saturday September 19 there will be a big march in Rome, in favour of the Italian press and freedom of speech. Check here… Leggi tutto »