Un Regalo per Te e i Tuoi Amici (A Gift For You and Your Friends)

di | 2 Dicembre 2022

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Happy December! Now is when we start thinking about gifts for friends and family.

As a gift for you, we are offering a 20% discount on our Tutored Courses until December 27, 2022!

To get the 20% discount for a Tutored Course SIGN UP HERE.

If you are already a member of CyberItalian, please LOG IN (so the system can recognize you), and insert the special code T2FG721 in the Signup/Renewal form in the Members area.

Also, if you wish to donate a CyberItalian Self-Study or Tutored Course to your friends, the same 20% discount applies (in the registration form, select IS THIS A GIFT? YES and INSERT the CODE T2FG721 in the “special code” field).

Act quickly, as time goes by and the offer is valid ONLY through December 27, 2022.

Enjoy the practice of the Italian language!

Your friends at CyberItalian