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Schools help their teachers of Italian by purchasing the access to the CyberItalian self-administered lessons so:

  1. Teacher and students can access the lessons online, (print the lessons if they wish), and use them in class or at home.
  2. Students can complete the lessons, exercises and exams online for automatic grade recording and a personalized Progress Report.
  3. Teacher or students can print out the Progress Report at the end of the course (this is a big help for teachers.)
  4. Teachers have more time to help students in class and reinforce their language learning with role-playing and engaging activities.

If a school purchases the self-administered lessons for their students, we offer a complementary access to the teacher of Italian, so he/she becomes familiar with the website, educational material and lessons, and can organize the work in class more easily. Traning and support for the teacher is included.


The self-administered lessons are available online 24 hours a day so students can log in and learn anytime from anywhere.


The self-administered lessons (20 beginner, 20 intermediate, 20 advanced lessons) include exercises, exams, personalized progress report, fun-learning activities, pronunciation guides, voice recording system and pronunciation assessment.



Our Pronunciation Guides and voice recording system will help students to improve their listening and verbal skills.



Sample of Lessons and Activities - Lessons Program and Objectives - Registration

Sample of Lessons and Activities

The lessons are divided into three levels:

Also, with the lessons, we include additional educational Activities that, depending on the teacher, can be conducted in class or completed online.


The Activities are divided into 9 types and 8 subjects:

Lessons Program and Objectives


Testimonial: "The organization and layout of each topic is superb... and I'm a very critical person - I find it to be the most helpful site that I've come across. Comments: I can't thank you enough! You've explained things that the College Italian books botch up." see more testimonials




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PLEASE NOTE: these self-administered lessons are not supervised by CyberItalian and we do not issue grades nor transcripts. The student school or teacher purchases these lessons as educational materials for their Italian courses.

If a school or student do not have a teacher of Italian we suggest you look into our courses for middle school and high school students.