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Intermediate Lessons


Where Pinocchio (Pino for friends) and his conscience "Grillo" (Talking Cricket or Jiminy Cricket), travel through Italy, meet very famous people and ask them what friendship is.




In the Intermediate level you follow Pino while he travels through Italy, meets with very famous* Italian people (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rossini, etc.) and ask them what friendship is.
You get to know more of Italian culture and you become familiar with Italian topics such as Opera, Art, Cinema and others. You learn how to express your opinions in a better way, understand more complex sentences, make comparisons, narrate a fact, write a letter, use the future and much more!


*The Intermediate level draws inspiration from famous Italian characters. The dialogues between Pino and the characters have been written with creative license.

What is Pinocchio doing on CyberItalian?




  • Lesson 13 Antico e moderno mp3 audio
    (Ancient and modern)
    Compare ancient and modern (who were the ancient Romans? who are we?) and continue the language review with an in-depth analysis of some aspects. Pronouns: esso, essa, egli, ella, ciò. Comparatives - use of "più" and "di più". Verb revision - passato prossimo.
    Witches in Calcata (difference between chi and che) - read,test,watch

  • Lesson 14 Le abitazioni degli antichi romani mp3 audio
    (Houses of the ancient Romans)
    Practice listening to authentic material (Italian spoken at natural speed), explore the homes of the ancient Romans and delve into some aspects of the language. Difference between "stare" and "essere". Difference between "buono", "bravo" and "bene". Direct and indirect pronouns. Formal approach: use of Lei.
    La donna angelicata e l'approccio formale - read,test

  • Lesson 15 L'alimentazione degli antichi romani mp3 audio
    (Nutrition of the ancient Romans)
    Know some differences between standard Italian (the one you learn here) and dialectal Italian (the one you might hear in some places in Italy). Compare the nutrition of the ancient Romans to that of today's Italians and delve into some grammatical aspects. Basic structure of a sentence and position of adverbs. Difference between "infine" e "finalmente". Reflexive verbs and pronouns. Revision of pronouns "ne" and "ci".
    Una favola di Fedro (pronomi) - read,test

  • Lesson 18 Gli antichi romani e le terme mp3 audio
    (The ancient Romans and spas)
    Delve into telling a story in Italian and understanding complex texts, and learn how the ancient Romans used the thermal baths.
    Verb revision: imperfetto. Verb revision: trapassato prossimo. Structure of complex texts.
    Come usare il cioccolato? - cook,watch

  • Lesson 19 La politica e la vita sociale degli antichi romani mp3 audio
    (Political and social life of the ancient Romans)
    Learn more about the use of verbs and reflect on the political and social life of the ancient Romans. Verb revision: imperative. Verb revision: conditional - present and past. Use of the conditional to express future in the past.
    L'amicizia - read,test