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Advanced Lessons


Where Pinocchio (Pino for friends) wants to grow-up and become rich and famous, even though he doesn't know what to do in life. But what is life after all?




In the Advanced level, you follow Pino while he meets many renowned Italians* (Dante, Ferrari, Galileo, etc.) and asks them how to find a job and become happy, rich and famous.
You get to know more and more of Italian culture through authentic material and you learn how to write your resume in Italian, make hypothesis, refine and maintain the language, use the subjunctive and much more!


*The Advanced level draws inspiration from famous Italian characters. The dialogues between Pino and the characters have been written with creative license.

What is Pinocchio doing on CyberItalian?




  • Lesson 6 - Pino vuol fare il pubblicitario e ne parla con Depero mp3 audio
    (Pino wants to work in an advertising agency and talks about it with Depero.)
    Get to know the futurist Depero and the situation of dialects in Italy. Continue to refine your knowledge of the Italian language and learn how to give the desired emphasis to a sentence. Active and passive construction; difference between standard Italian, regional Italian and dialects.
    Consigli per fare la spesa - watch
    Dialects - listen

  • Lesson 15 - Osservarsi mp3 audio
    (Observing oneself)
    Reflect on how to observe a masterpiece and how to observe yourself, and delve into the use of pronouns and idiomatic expressions. Demonstrative and relative pronouns "colui, coloro, ciò", use of "quello che", difference between "quello" and "che"; pronoun "cui" + article; emphatic use of pronouns: shift to the right; collocations and idiomatic expressions.
    Bring the sound in the mask - listen,readfree

  • Lesson 16 - Emigrazione italiana mp3 audio
    (Italian emigration)
    Reflect on Italian emigration and learn more about the use of pronouns. Direct and indirect pronouns, pronouns "ne" and "ci"; use of double pronouns; verbs used with pronouns; emphatic use of pronouns: shift to the left.
    Italiani nel mondo - play,readfree

  • Lesson 17 - L'arte dell'equilibrio mp3 audio
    (The art of balance)
    Learn more about verbs and idiomatic expressions. Revision of verb tenses and moods (indicative); active and passive form; use of the verb "venire" in the passive form; collocations and idiomatic expressions.
    L'arte dell'equilibrio - listen,test