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Beginner Lessons


Where Pinocchio (Pino for friends) realizes that his good friends, "il Gatto e la Volpe" (the Cat and the Fox), are not very good friends. But what is friendship after all?




In this course, you meet Pino and his friends, and you start to get involved with the Italian language and culture.
You learn how to greet someone, introduce your self or your family, express opinions, describe objects, places or situations, order at the restaurant, prepare a famous Italian dessert (Tiramisù), ask for directions, make a phone call, book a hotel room, go shopping, use the simple past, sing in Italian and much more!

What is Pinocchio doing on CyberItalian?




  • Lesson 1 Ciao Pino! free trial mp3 audio
    (Ciao Pino!)
    Learn how to greet someone and introduce yourself. Subject pronouns; "Essere" (to be).
    Activity: the puzzle of Italy!
  • Lesson 2 Chi sei? mp3 audio
    (Who are you?)
    Learn to describe yourself. Feminine and masculine nouns and agreements; nouns and adjectives (plus c'è and ci sono); indefinite articles.
    Activity: the house.
  • Lesson 3 Ecco i miei amici! mp3 audio
    (Here are my friends!)
    Learn to describe your friends and tell what your profession is. Nouns and adjectives; plural form; definite articles; "Avere" (to have).
    Activity: my friends and I.
  • Lesson 4 Cosa Preferisci? mp3 audio
    (What do you prefer?)
    Learn to express a preference, to form a question and to answer negatively. Present indicative of regular verbs; interrogative sentences; negative sentences; irregular verbs: "Preferire, Capire, Piacere".
    Activity: I like, I don't like.
  • Lesson 5 Conta e canta! mp3 audio
    (Count and sing!)
    Learn to sing-count in Italian, tell your own age and introduce your family. Numbers; possessive adjectives and pronouns.
    Activity: let's sing together.
  • Lesson 6 Al ristorante mp3 audio
    (At the restaurant.)
    Learn how to ask for something and order at the restaurant. "Vorrei"; position of the adjectives, form of certain adjectives; "avere fame, avere sete"; irregular verbs: "Mangiare, Bere".
    Activity: let's cook together.
  • Lesson 7 Quando ci vediamo? mp3 audio
    (When are we going to see each other?)
    Learn to make or postpone an appointment. Time, days, months; irregular verbs: "Dovere, Volere, Potere, Uscire, Venire".
    Activity: what's the weather like?
  • Lesson 8 Dov'è la scuola? mp3 audio
    (Where is the school?)
    Learn to ask for and give directions, tell your address and say where you are from. Simple prepositions; irregular verbs: "Fare, Andare".
    Activity: the body and physical exercise.
  • Lesson 9 Pronto chi parla? mp3 audio
    (Hello, who's speaking?)
    Learn to make a phone call and give your phone number. Combined prepositions; irregular verbs: "Sapere, Conoscere, Dire, Stare".
    Activity: who called whom?
  • Lesson 10 Hai fatto la spesa? mp3 audio
    (Did you go grocery shopping?)
    Go shopping. Learn to report a fact happened in the past. "Participio passato" and "passato prossimo"; irregular verbs: "Pagare".
    Activity: let's get dressed
  • Lesson 11 Viva le vacanze!!! mp3 audio
    (Three cheers for vacations!)
    Learn to make a hotel reservation. "C'è, ci sono"; review of interrogative expressions; negative expressions.
    Activity: invite your friends to your home.
  • Lesson 12 Buon viaggio! mp3 audio
    (Have a good trip!)
    Review what you have learned in the Beginner Course.
    Verbs; basic structure of a sentence; use of description; partitives. Listening development.
    Activity: word-search and anagrams.
  • Lesson 13 Ordinare al banco mp3 audio
    (Order at the counter)
    Review what you have learned in the Beginner Course.
    Present conjugation of regular verbs. Irregular verbs: "Preferire, Capire, Agire, Reagire, Mangiare, Bere, Piacere".
    Activity: granita for breakfast.
  • Lesson 14 Buon appetito! mp3 audio
    (Enjoy your meal!)
    Review what you have learned in the Beginner Course.
    Basic elements of an Italian sentence. Basic structure of a sentence.
    Activity: cartoons.
  • Lesson 15 Il ritratto mp3 audio
    (The portrait)
    Review what you have learned in the Beginner Course.
    Critical thinking development. Interrogative sentences. Position of the subject in a sentence.
    Activity: flash cards - la casa (how does memory work?)
  • Lesson 16 Armonia mp3 audio
    Review what you have learned in the Beginner Course.
    Harmony in a sentence: agreements. Use of the definite article.
    Activity: is Grammar scaring you? (Structure of the Italian phrase.)
  • Lesson 17 Il negozio di scarpe mp3 audio
    (The shoe store)
    Review what you have learned in the Beginner Course.
    Revision of regular verbs - present indicative. Revision of irregular verbs - how to memorize them.
    Activity: 10 tips on watching movies in Italian.
  • Lesson 18 Il negozio di vestiti mp3 audio
    (The clothing store)
    Review what you have learned in the Beginner Course.
    Simple prepositions. Position of prepositions with interrogative adverbs.
    Activity: the history of pizza.
  • Lesson 19 L'individuo mp3 audio
    (The individual)
    Review what you have learned in the Beginner Course.
    Formal approach: use of Lei. Combined prepositions.
    Activity: to stay or to go? (verbs: "andare, venire, restare".)
  • Lesson 20 Passato, presente e futuro mp3 audio
    (Past, present and future)
    Review what you have learned in the Beginner Course.
    Past, present and future. Use of "tempo" and "volta".
    Activity: verbs - present, PAST and future (passato prossimo.)