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Beginner Lessons


Where Pinocchio (Pino for friends) realizes that his good friends, "il Gatto e la Volpe" (the Cat and the Fox), are not very good friends. But what is friendship after all?




In the Beginner level, you meet Pino and his friends, and you start to get involved with the Italian language and culture.
You learn how to greet someone, introduce your self or your family, express opinions, describe objects, places or situations, order at the restaurant, prepare a famous Italian dessert (Tiramisù), ask for directions, make a phone call, book a hotel room, go shopping, use the simple past, sing in Italian and much more!

What is Pinocchio doing on CyberItalian?




  • Lesson 7 Quando ci vediamo? mp3 audio
    (When are we going to see each other?)
    Learn to make or postpone an appointment. Time, days, months; irregular verbs: "Dovere, Volere, Potere, Uscire, Venire".
    Weather and seasons - listen,play

  • Lesson 15 Il ritratto mp3 audio
    (The portrait)
    Review what you have learned in the Beginner Course.
    Critical thinking development. Interrogative sentences. Position of the subject in a sentence.
    Flash cards - la casa - listen,write