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Activity: Listen and Test

La parola Pasqua vuol dire "passaggio" ed è simbolo di cambiamento e rinascita. Quest'anno noi di CyberItalian festeggiamo la Pasqua pubblicando il nostro nuovo logo e offrendoti uno sconto sui nostri corsi.

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The word Easter means "passage" and it is a symbol of change and rebirth. This year at CyberItalian we celebrate Easter by publishing our new logo and offering you a discount on our courses.

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New CyberItalian Logo

The new CyberItalian logo,

because we love Italian language and culture,

we work with passion

and "ti vogliamo bene" (we are fond of you)!


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Happy Easter! (discount and listening exercise)

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Easter is the symbol of change and rebirth. But sometimes changes scare us. In the following audio we analyze a passage from the Divine Comedy by Dante and find out how social changes have always been percieved as scary, even in the Middle Ages.

Listen to the audio and on a sheet of paper write the Italian words missing from the following text.


In Paradiso (._._._._._. XVI), Dante incontra Cacciaguida, un suo antenato. Cacciaguida ._._. ._._._._._._._. di Firenze e dice pressappoco così: Firenze, (negli anni 1100 e 1200), è stata una città perfetta, ma ora, (nel 1300), con l'._._._._._._._._._._._._., la decadenza e le lotte politiche, è una città ._._._._._._._._.!
Cacciaguida però non ha mai saputo ._._._., nel 1400 e 1500, Firenze è diventata la "culla" ._._._. grande Rinascimento italiano, e che l'immigrazione, la decadenza e le lotte ._._._._._._._._._. sono ancora oggi un argomento attuale!

In Paradise ( ................... XVI), Dante meets Cacciaguida, one of his ancestors. Cacciaguida ................... about Florence and says something like: "Florence, (in the years 1100 and 1200), was a perfect city, but now, (in 1300), with ..................., decadence and political struggles, it is a ................... city!"

However, Cacciaguida has never known ................... in the years 1400 and 1500, Florence became the "cradle" ................... great Italian Renaissance, and that immigration, decadence and ................... struggles are still a current topic today!



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