With the CyberItalian method you learn the language in 5 steps:


dialogo Listen and speak = you are immediately exposed to the Italian language by listening to a dialogue, practicing and recording your pronunciation, and verifying your comprehension. A glossary, pronunciation guides and a voice-recording tool are always available to help you.


cultura Learn the Culture = learn about Italian habits and culture and continue practicing your listening skills.


grammatica Discover the Grammar = discover how the language and its structures work through easy grammatical explanations and charts.


esercizi ed esame Exercise = make the grammar alive and put the language into use with exercises and exams; acquire the language structures and verify the results in your progress report. Some exercises may require you to give your opinion about a specific topic, describe a picture, create a dialogue, and more - creativity is allowed!


attività Have fun and reinforce = reinforce what you have learned, and practice with fun learning Activities that involve all your abilities (some activities may require you to sing along, cook, read articles, listen to dialogues, watch videos, cut and glue paper drawings, write poems, complete a word-search, etc.)


At CyberItalian we know that some students prefer a playful and communicative approach, others like a rational, analytical, or grammatical approach: our method includes all these aspects.


The CyberItalian Method is based on a program developed for the UNSRC Circolo Culturale Italiano at the United Nations in New York. It gradually presents the basic, intermediate, and advanced structures of the Italian language through the 5 basic learning steps described above (1.listen and speak 2.learn the culture 3.discover the grammar 4.exercise 5.have fun and reinforce).


The aim of our method is to provide students with the tools to: 1) learn the language 2) learn how to learn it 3) express themselves. CyberItalian students quickly become independent in discovering the mechanisms of the language, deciding how to study and expressing themselves.


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