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studenti chat


Join the CyberItalian Student Group on Facebook: it's easy and FREE. Students in the group participate in weekly discussions, find Italian proverbs, post their favorite Italian songs and videos, post their pictures and enjoy the Italian practice.

If you don't have a Facebook profile yet, you will be required to create one. Again: it's easy and free and it will allow you to interact with a broader community of Italian speaking students.


To practice Italian with our weekly fun-learning activities you can also join our FREE newsletter mailing list:



For all CyberItalian students*: search for a topic or post a message in the Forums if you have questions regarding the Italian lessons, the grammar and the culture.

The Forums are a very valuable and constantly growing Q&A database.


For Tutored students**: check the Calendar for the schedule of audio/video group classes conducted by a CyberItalian Prof.


Please note: *you need to be registered in a CyberItalian course to use the Forums. **You need to be registered in the Tutored Courses to participate in the audio/video group classes.