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Pinocchio is a character created in 1881 by Italian writer Carlo Collodi.

The book "The adventures of Pinocchio" - with the stories of the wooden puppet - is one of the most famous books in Italy.


But Pinocchio is more than a puppet: he is a restless spirit who represents the idea of 'personal growth' at all levels (including intellectual and emotional).

Personal growth is a very important factor in any learning process.


In order to help you learn the language and improve your understanding of Italian culture and lifestyle, CyberItalian has revisited Collodi's story.


Through "A Modern Pinocchio Story", the CyberItalian course will help students to learn the Italian language and culture, as well as explore their own lives and learning challenges.


Beginner Lessons


Where Pinocchio (Pino for friends) realizes that his good friends, "il Gatto e la Volpe" (the Cat and the Fox), are not very good friends. But what is friendship after all?




In the Beginner level, you meet Pino and his friends, and you start to get involved with the Italian language and culture.
You learn how to greet someone, introduce your self or your family, express opinions, describe objects, places or situations, order at the restaurant, prepare a famous Italian dessert (Tiramisù), ask for directions, make a phone call, book a hotel room, go shopping, use the simple past, sing in Italian and much more!



Intermediate Lessons


Where Pino and his conscience "Grillo" (Jiminy Cricket), travel through Italy, meet very famous people and ask them what friendship is.




In the Intermediate level you follow Pino while he travels through Italy, meets with very famous* Italian people (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rossini, etc.) and discusses cultural topics such as opera, art, literature.
You get to know more of Italian culture and you become familiar with Italian topics such as Opera, Art, Cinema and others. You learn how to express your opinions in a better way, understand more complex sentences, make comparisons, narrate a fact, write a letter, use the future and much more!


*The Intermediate level draws inspiration from famous Italian characters. The dialogues between Pino and the characters have been written with creative license.



Advanced Lessons


Where Pino wants to grow-up and become rich and famous, even though he doesn't know what to do in life. But what is life after all?




In the advanced level, you follow Pino while he meets many renowned Italians* (Dante, Ferrari, Galileo, etc.) and asks them how to find a job and become happy, rich and famous.
You get to know more and more of Italian culture through authentic material and you learn how to write your resume in Italian, make hypothesis, refine and maintain the language, use the subjunctive and much more!


*The Advanced level draws inspiration from famous Italian characters. The dialogues between Pino and the characters have been written with creative license.