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Activity: Listen and Speak - ANSWERS

Questions and sentences you can use in a conversation.


From Beginner Lesson 1 dialogue:

  1. Io sono ... (I am...) [add your first name]
  2. Chi sei? (Who are you?)
  3. Piacere! (Pleasure, nice to meet you!)

From Beginner Lesson 1 grammar:

  1. Ciao!
  2. Come stai? (How are you?)
  3. Come va? (How does it go? How is it going?)
  4. Arrivederci (Goodbye)
  5. Io sono... [add your first name or in a formal situation first and last name]
  6. Come ti chiami? (What is your name?)

From Beginner Lesson 1 exercise 3:

  1. Come ti chiami?
  2. Io sono [add your first name and, if you wish, your last name]