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Activity: Listen and Test - ANSWERS

Listen to the complete proverbs.

Every time you listen to an audio file, listen to it as many times as possible. While listening to the audio, read and repeat the text in Italian as a listening and pronunciation exercise.


Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano. He who goes slowly, goes healthy and far away - Slow and steady wins the race.
Tradurre è tradire. To translate is to betray.
Tutti i gusti sono gusti. All tastes are tastes - There is no accounting for taste.
Canta che ti passa. Sing and it will go away - Sing, and things will be better.
L'appetito vien mangiando. The appetite arrives while you eat - The more you eat, the more you want to eat.
Volere è potere. To want is to can - Where there's a will, there's a way.
L'abito non fa il monaco. The dress does not make the monk - You can't judge a book by the cover.
Una ciliegia tira l'altra. One cherry carries the other - One thing leads to another.
Uomo avvisato, mezzo salvato. Forewarned is forearmed.
Chi ben comincia è a metà dell'opera. Well begun is half done.
Chi dorme non piglia pesci. He who sleeps does not catches fish - The early bird catches the worm.
A buon consiglio non si trova prezzo. For a good advice there is not price.
Chi disprezza compra. He who blames would buy.
Chi la dura, la vince. He who perseveres wins at last.
Chi ha tempo non aspetti tempo. If you have time, do not wait for time - No time like the present.