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Glossary - N..O

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N, come "nave" N, as in "nave" - ship (Alphabet)
nanna (essere a nanna) to sleep (usually for children) (Lez.b_7)
narrazione narration (Lez.i_6)
nascita (data di nascita) birth (date of birth) (Lez.b_5)
naso nose (Lez.b_5)
Natale Christmas (Lez.b_7)
nato, nata born (Lez.i_2)
natura (per natura) nature (by nature) (Lez.a_2)
naturale natural (Lez.i_7)
naturalmente naturally (Lez.i_2)
navigare to sail (Lez.i_11)
navigatore navigator (Lez.i_11)
nazionale national (Lez.a_3)
nazionalità nationality (Lez.b_2)
ne of it, of them, some, any, about it, about them (Lez.i_6)
né (né ... né) neither...nor (Lez.b_7)
neanche not even (Lez.b_11)
nebbia fog (Lez.i_3)
necessario, necessaria necessary (Lez.b_11)
negoziante shopkeeper (Lez.b_10)
negoziare to negotiate (Lez.i_10)
negoziato negotiation (Lez.i_10)
negozio store, shop (Lez.b_10)
nemico, nemica (pl. nemici, nemiche) enemy (Lez.i_2)
nemmeno not even (Lez.b_11)
neorealismo neo-realism (Lez.i_4)
neppure not even (Lez.b_11)
nero (lavoro in nero) black (illegal work) (Lez.b_3;a_2)
nervoso, nervosa nervous (Lez.b_2)
nessuno, nessuna noboby, no-one, not any (Lez.b_11)
nevica (oggi nevica) it snows (today it snows) (Lez.b_7)
niente (di niente) nothing (not at all, don't mention it) (Lez.3,15)
nipote grandchild, nephew, niece (Lez.b_5)
noi we, us (Lez.b_1;i_4)
noioso, noiosa boring (Lez.b_3)
noleggio rental (Lez.b_9)
nome name (Lez.b_1)
nominare to appoint (Lez.a_2)
non not (Lez.b_3)
nono, nona ninth (Lez.b_5)
nonno, nonna grandfather/mother (Lez.b_5)
nord north (Lez.i_7)
nord-americano, nord-americana North American (Lez.b_2)
norma norm, rule, regulation (Lez.i_10)
notizia news, information (Lez.i_10)
notte night (Lez.b_11)
novanta ninety (Lez.b_5)
nove nine (Lez.b_5)
novembre November (Lez.b_7)
nubile unmarried woman (Lez.a_2)
nulla nothing (Lez.b_11)
numero number (Lez.b_5)
numeroso, numerosa numerous, many (Lez.i_2)
nuotare to swim (Lez.b_4)
nuotata swim (Lez.i_9)
nuoto swimming (Lez.a_3)
nuovo, nuova (di nuovo) new (again) (Lez.b_6)
nuvoloso (oggi è nuvoloso) cloudy (today it is cloudy) (Lez.b_7)


O, come "osso" O, as in "osso" - bone (Alphabet)
o or, or rather (Lez.i_2)
obbedire to obey (Lez.a_5)
obliterare to stamp (Lez.i_10)
occasione occasion (Lez.i_4)
occhio (pl. occhi) eye (pl. eyes) (Lez.b_3)
occhiali glasses (Lez.b_3)
occupazione military occupation (Lez.a_3)
odore smell, odor (Lez.a_2)
offrire to offer (Lez.b_6)
oggetto object (Lez.i_5)
oggi today (Lez.b_4)
ogni each (Lez.b_9)
ognuno each (one) (Lez.i_9)
olio oil (Lez.b_6)
oltre beyond, over (Lez.b_6)
ombrello umbrella (Lez.i_2)
omogeneo, omogenea homogeneous (Lez.a_4)
ondeggiare to roll, rock, wave (Lez.i_3)
onesto, onesta honest (Lez.b_3)
opera work, action, piece of work; opera (Lez.i_6)
operazione (di matematica) (math) calculation (Lez.b_5)
opportunità opportunity (Lez.i_8)
opposizione (l'Opposizione) opposition (the Opposition) (Lez.i_11)
oppure or, otherwise (Lez.i_2)
ora hour, now, right now (Lez.b_7)
ordinare to order, to put in order (Lez.b_6)
ordine order (Lez.i_7)
orecchio ear (Lez.b_8)
organizzare to organize, arrange (Lez.b_10)
organo organ, part, body (Lez.a_4)
orientale oriental (Lez.a_5)
oriente orient (Lez.i_8)
originale original (Lez.i_7)
origine origin (Lez.i_8)
ormai by now, now, by then (Lez.b_10)
osso bone (Lez.i_9)
ostile hostile (Lez.i_5)
ottanta eighty (Lez.b_5)
ottavo, ottava eighth (Lez.b_5)
ottenere to obtain, gain (Lez.i_4)
ottimo (il più buono) very good, excellent (Lez.i_2)
otto eight (Lez.b_5)
ottobre October (Lez.b_7)
ovvio, ovvia (pl. ovvi, ovvie) obvious (Lez.i_2)