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Glossary - S

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S, come "sole" S, as in "sole" - sun (Alphabet)
sabato Saturday (Lez.b_7)
sabbia sand (Lez.i_9)
sacco (un sacco) sack, bag (a lot) (Lez.a_3)
sacrifici sacrifice (Lez.i_9)
sacro, sacra holy (Lez.i_7)
saggezza wisdom (Lez.a_5)
salame salami (Lez.b_10)
salato, salata salty (Lez.b_6)
saldo sale, balance (Lez.b_10)
sale salt (Lez.b_6)
salita (in salita) ascent, climb (uphill) (Lez.a_3)
salutare (salutarsi) to greet, say goodbye (to greet each other) (Lez.i_9;i_11)
salute health (Lez.a_3)
saluto greeting (Lez.b_1)
sano, sana healthy (Lez.b_6)
santo, santa saint (Lez.i_7)
sanzione sanction (Lez.b_7)
sapere (verbo irregolare) to know (Lez.b_9)
sapone soap (Lez.b_11)
saporito, saporita tasty (Lez.i_7)
saturo, satura saturated, full (Lez.i_9)
sbadato, sbadata careless, inattentive (Lez.i_8)
sbagliare to make mistakes (Lez.i_5)
sbagliato, sbagliata wrong (Lez.b_10)
sbaglio mistake (Lez.b_10)
scacchi chess (Lez.a_3)
scaffale shelf (Lez.b_2)
scala stairs, stairway (Lez.i_3)
scalata climb (Lez.a_5)
scambiare (scambiandosele) to exchange (exchanging them among themselves) (Lez.a_3)
scappare to escape, run away (Lez.b_11)
scarpa, scarpe da tennis shoe (tennis shoes) (Lez.b_10)
scatola box (Lez.b_10)
scattare (scatto in salita) to sprint (uphill sprint) (Lez.a_3)
scavare to dig, excavate, bore (Lez.i_6)
scegliere to choose (Lez.b_10)
scena scene (Lez.i_2)
scendere to go down (Lez.i_3)
sceneggiatore screenwriter (Lez.i_8)
scenografia stage design (theatre), set design (cinema) (Lez.i_2)
scherma fencing (Lez.a_3)
scherzare to joke (Lez.i_9)
scherzo joke, trick (Lez.b_11)
scherzoso, scherzosa playful (Lez.a_2)
schiena back (Lez.b_8)
schietto, schietta frank (Lez.i_6)
Sci, come in "sci" Sci, as in "sci" - ski (Alphabet)
sciacquare, sciacquarsi to rinse (Lez.i_7)
sciare to ski (Lez.b_7)
sciarpa scarf (Lez.b_10)
scienza science (Lez.i_5)
scienziato, scienziata scientist (Lez.b_3)
sciopero strike (Lez.a_2)
scivolare to slip (Lez.a_5)
scolare drain, strain (Lez.b_6)
scolastico, scolastica (pl. scolastici, scolastiche) scholastic (Lez.i_9)
sconfitta defeat (Lez.a_2)
sconosciuto unknown (Lez.b_2)
scontato, scontata (dare per scontato) discounted (to take for granted) (Lez.i_9)
sconto discount (Lez.b_10)
scontrino receipt (Lez.b_10)
scontro clash (Lez.a_3)
scoperta discovery (Lez.i_7)
scoprire to discover, find out (Lez.i_8)
scoraggiato discouraged (Lez.a_2)
scorso, scorsa past (Lez.b_10)
scortese impolite, rude (Lez.a_4)
scribacchiare to scribble (Lez.i_9)
scritto, scritta da written by (Lez.b_8)
scrittore, scrittrice writer (Lez.b_11)
scrivania (writing-) desk (Lez.b_2)
scrivere (scriversi) to write (to write to each other) (Lez.b_4;i_11)
scrupolo scruple (Lez.a_5)
scultura sculpture, carving (Lez.i_5)
scuola school (Lez.b_7)
scuotere to shake (Lez.i_7)
scusa apology, excuse (Lez.i_5)
scusare to excuse (Lez.i_10)
scusi excuse me, sorry (Lez.b_6)
sdraiato, sdraiata lying down (Lez.a_5)
sdrammatizzare to play down (Lez.i_9)
se if (Lez.b_9)
se stesso, se stessa oneself (Lez.i_3)
seccato, seccata annoyed, bothered (Lez.i_7)
secco, secca dry (Lez.b_7)
secolare secular, age-long (Lez.i_5)
secolo century (Lez.i_3)
secondo, seconda; il secondo; (secondo lui ...) second; second course; (according to him...) (Lez.b_6;i_8)
sede (place of) residence (Lez.a_4)
sedere, sedersi to sit down (Lez.i_3;i_9)
sedia chair (Lez.b_2)
sedicesimo, sedicesima sixteenth (Lez.i_5)
seduta session (Lez.a_5)
seduto, seduta seated, sitting (Lez.b_4)
segno sign (Lez.a_5)
segretario, segretaria (pl. segretari, segretarie) secretary (Lez.a_3)
segreto secret (Lez.i_2)
seguire (seguente) to follow (following) (Lez.i_2)
seguito (in seguito; di seguito) sequel (then, later on; following) (Lez.i_2;i_10)
sei (verbo essere) you are (v. to be) (Lez.b_1)
sei six (Lez.b_5)
selezionare to select (Lez.i_7)
semaforo traffic lights (Lez.b_8)
sembrare to seem, appear (Lez.i_2)
semplice simple (Lez.i_2)
semplicemente simply (Lez.i_7)
sempre always, forever, still (Lez.b_3)
sensazione feeling, sensation (Lez.b_7)
sensibilità sensitivity (Lez.a_5)
senso sense, sensation, meaning (Lez.i_3)
sentimento feeling (Lez.i_8)
sentire (sentirsi) to feel, to hear (to feel, to be; to talk to each other) (Lez.i_3;i_11)
senza without (Lez.b_10)
separazione separation (Lez.i_10)
separato, separata separated, apart (Lez.a_5)
sera evening (Lez.b_2)
sereno, serena serene, calm (Lez.b_2)
serio, seria (pl. seri, serie) serious, earnest (Lez.i_2)
serioso, seriosa too serious (Lez.i_9)
servire to serve (Lez.b_6)
servizi (servizio militare, servizio di leva) services (military service) (Lez.a_2)
sette seven (Lez.b_5)
settembre September (Lez.b_7)
settimana week (Lez.b_7)
settore sector (Lez.a_2)
severo, severa severe (Lez.a_3)
sfilata fashion-show (Lez.i_5)
sfinito, sfinita exhausted (Lez.a_3)
sfogare to give vent to (Lez.a_3)
sfortuna misfortune, bad luck (Lez.a_4)
sfortunato, sfortunata unlucky (Lez.b_3)
sfrattare to evict (Lez.i_11)
sfruttamento exploitation (Lez.a_4)
sgargiante showy, gaudy (Lez.i_5)
si (si sta bene) oneself, himself, herself, itself, themself; impersonal: people, they, one (it's fine) (Lez.b_7;i_3)
yes (Lez.b_1)
siccome as, since (Lez.a_2)
sicurezza securety (Lez.a_2)
sicuro, sicura sure (Lez.b_10)
significato meaning, sense (Lez.i_3)
signora ms., mrs. (Lez.b_9)
signore, signor mr. (Lez.b_9)
silenzio silence (Lez.i_6)
silenzioso, silenziosa silent (Lez.b_4)
simbolo symbol (Lez.a_2)
simile similar (Lez.i_9)
simpatico, simpatica nice, pleasant (Lez.b_2)
sincero, sincera sincere, honest (Lez.b_10)
sindacalista trade unionist (Lez.a_4)
sindacato trade union (Lez.a_2)
singolo, singola single (Lez.b_11)
sinistra left (Lez.b_8)
sito web-site, place (Lez.i_2)
situazione situation (Lez.i_8)
smettere to stop, cease (Lez.i_8)
sociale social (Lez.a_3)
socializzare to socialize (Lez.b_4)
società society, company (Lez.i_9)
socievole sociable (Lez.b_3)
soddisfare to satisfy (Lez.a_2)
soddisfatto, soddisfatta satisfied, pleased (Lez.i_9)
soddisfazione satisfaction (Lez.i_9)
sodo (andare al sodo) hard, firm (get to the point) (Lez.a_4)
sofisticato, sofisticata sophisticated (Lez.a_2)
soggiorno living-room (Lez.b_2)
sognare to dream (Lez.b_4)
sogno dream (Lez.i_4)
soldato soldier (Lez.i_8)
soldi money (Lez.b_10)
sole sun (Lez.b_7)
solitario, solitaria solitary (Lez.b_3)
solito, solita (come al solito) usual (as usual) (Lez.i_7)
solitudine loneliness (Lez.i_9)
sollevare, sollevare pesi to lift (to lift weights) (Lez.b_4)
solo only (Lez.b_3)
solo, sola (da solo) lonely (by oneself) (Lez.b_9;i_9)
soluzione solution (Lez.b_2)
somigliare to be like, to look like (Lez.i_3)
sommergere to submerge (Lez.i_3)
sonno (avere sonno) sleep (to be sleepy) (Lez.i_9)
sono (verbo essere) I am, they are (v. to be) (Lez.b_1)
sopportare to stand, bear, tolerate, endure (Lez.a_2)
sopra over, above, on (Lez.b_4)
soprannominato nicknamed (Lez.a_3)
sorella sister (Lez.b_5)
sorridere to smile (Lez.b_4)
sorriso smile (Lez.a_4)
sorte fate, destiny, chance (Lez.a_4)
sostenere to maintain (Lez.a_5)
sottile fine, thin, delicate (Lez.i_9)
sotto under (Lez.b_4)
sottosuolo subsoil (Lez.a_2)
spaventare to frighten, scare (Lez.a_4)
spazzolino toothbrush (Lez.b_11)
specchiarsi to look at oneself in the mirror (Lez.i_3)
specchio, lo specchio mirror (the mirror) (Lez.b_2)
specialità speciality (Lez.i_4)
specializzato, specializzata specialized (Lez.i_5)
specificare to specify (Lez.a_2)
speculare to speculate, think over it (Lez.a_5)
spedire to send, dispatch (Lez.a_4)
spedizione expedition (Lez.a_5)
spegnere to switch off, turn off (Lez.i_10)
sperare to hope (Lez.a_5)
spesa (fare la spesa) grocery (grocery shopping) (Lez.b_8)
spesso often (Lez.b_4)
spettacolo show (Lez.b_10)
spettro spectre, ghost (Lez.a_3)
spezzato, spezzata broken (Lez.i_10)
spiacevole unpleasant (Lez.i_8)
spiaggia beach (Lez.b_9)
spiccioli coins (Lez.b_10)
spiegare to explain (Lez.b_9)
spiegazione explanation (Lez.i_7)
spirito spirit, mind (Lez.a_5)
spiritoso, spiritosa witty (Lez.b_2)
spirituale spiritual (Lez.i_7)
sporco, sporca dirty (Lez.i_8)
sportello counter, window (Lez.b_10)
sportivo, sportiva athletic (Lez.b_2)
sposato, sposata married (Lez.b_11)
squadra (squadra del cuore) team (favourite team) (Lez.a_3)
squalo shark (Lez.i_6)
squilibrio derangement, imbalance (Lez.a_5)
squillare to ring (Lez.i_4)
stabilizzazione stabilization (Lez.a_2)
stadio stadium (Lez.a_3)
stagione season (Lez.b_7)
stamattina this morning (Lez.b_10)
stampa printing, press (Lez.i_7)
stancante tiring (Lez.i_4)
stanco, stanca (pl. stanchi, stanche) tired (Lez.b_2)
stanza room (Lez.b_10)
stare (verbo irregolare) to stay, remain, to be (Lez.b_9)
stare bene to feel well, good (Lez.b_9)
stare male to feel sick, not well (Lez.b_9)
stare in piedi to stand (Lez.b_9)
stare zitto, zitta to keep quiet (Lez.b_9)
stasera this evening (Lez.b_7)
statale state, civil, government (Lez.a_2)
statistica (pl. statistiche) statistic (Lez.a_4)
stato (stato civile) state (marital status) (Lez.i_10;a_2)
stazione railway station (Lez.b_7)
stereo, lo stereo stereo (the stereo) (Lez.b_2)
stereotipato/a stereotyped (Lez.i_2)
sterminio extermination, destruction (Lez.i_11)
stesso, stessa (lo stesso), (noi stessi) same (the same), self (ourselves) (Lez.b_9)
stile style (Lez.i_5)
stilista fashion designer (Lez.i_5)
stimolare to stimulate (Lez.a_5)
stipendio salary (Lez.a_4)
stivale (pl. stivali) boot (Lez.b_10)
stoffa (avere la stoffa) fabric (to have what it takes to achieve something) (Lez.a_3)
storia story, history (Lez.b_5)
storico, storica (pl. storici, storiche) historical (Lez.i_6)
strada road, street (Lez.b_8)
straniero, straniera foreigner, foreign (Lez.b_4)
strappare to pull, tear (Lez.i_4)
stravagante extravagant (Lez.b_3)
stretto, stretta tight, narrow (Lez.b_2)
stringere to hold tight (Lez.i_9)
strofinare to rub (Lez.a_4)
strumento instrument (Lez.i_2)
struttura structure (Lez.a_4)
studente student (Lez.b_3)
studiare to study (Lez.b_4)
studio studying, study (Lez.i_10)
stupido (che stupido!) stupid (what a fool!) (Lez.i_8)
stupirsi to be amazed, be stunned by (Lez.a_5)
su (su!) on, upon, (come-on!) (Lez.b_8,i_5)
subito immediately, at once (Lez.b_11)
succedere to happen (Lez.i_9)
successo success (Lez.i_2)
succo juice (Lez.b_6)
sud (sud-americano, sud-americana) south (South American) (Lez.b_2)
sudare to sweat (Lez.a_3)
suddito, suddita subject (Lez.i_10)
suddividere to subdivide (Lez.a_2)
sugo sauce (Lez.b_6)
suggerire to suggest (Lez.i_10)
suggestivo, suggestiva enchanting (Lez.i_11)
suicidarsi to commit suicide (Lez.a_5)
suonare to play an instrument, to ring (Lez.b_4)
superare to overcome, pass (Lez.i_8)
super-eroe super-hero (Lez.i_3)
supermercato supermarket (Lez.i_7)
supervisione supervision (Lez.i_11)
supportare to support (Lez.a_5)
sussurrare to whisper (Lez.i_2)
suvvia come on! (Lez.a_2)
svegliarsi to wake up (Lez.i_3)
svenire to faint (Lez.i_4)
sviluppare, svilupparsi to develop (Lez.i_9)
sviluppo development (Lez.a_4)