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Activity: Read and Listen

San Valentino si avvicina.

Sai perché l'italiano è la lingua dell'amore?

Perché i suoni delle vocali italiane sono morbidi, rotondi e richiamano il canto.


Tu parli la lingua dell'amore?


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Valentine's Day is approaching.

Do you know why Italian is the language of love?

Because the sounds of Italian vowels are soft, round and recall singing.


Do you speak the language of love?


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occhiali a cuore

Buon San Valentino!

(Image courtesy of Karolina Grabowska on pexels)


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Italian: the language of love
Pratica la lingua dell'amore con l'esercizio seguente.
  1. Clicca su ogni parola italiana per ascoltare la pronuncia. Ascolta e ripeti le parole.
  2. Il 14 febbraio, chiama il tuo "Valentino" o "Valentina" e digli/dille una o più delle seguenti parole.

Practice the language of love with the exercise below.

  1. Click on each Italian word to listen to the pronunciation. Listen and repeat the words.
  2. On February 14, call your "Valentino" or "Valentina" and tell him/her one or more of the following words.


Every time you listen to an audio file, listen to it as many times as possible. While listening to the audio, read and repeat the text in Italian as a listening and pronunciation exercise. Repeat the exercise MANY times!


abbracciare to embrace, hug (Lez.i_10)
abbraccio hug (Lez.a_2)
affascinante charming, enchanting (Lez.i_3)
affettuoso affectionate (Lez.a_2)
affidabile trusted (Lez.b_3)
amare to love (Lez.b_4)
amicizia friendship (Lez.b_11)
amichevole friendly (Lez.i_2)
appoggio support (Lez.a_5)
armonia harmony, accord, consonance (Lez.i_5)
ascoltare to listen to (Lez.b_9)
ascolto listening (Lez.a_2)
aspettare to wait for (Lez.i_2)
assaggiare to taste (Lez.b_6)
audace daring, audacious (Lez.a_4)
avere voglia di to feel like (Lez.b_9)
avventura adventure (Lez.i_7)


desidero abbracciarti I wish to hug you
ti amo I love you (to say to a lover, husband/wife, fiancee, companion...)
ti voglio bene I am very fond of you (to say to friends, relatives)


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